Our Team

Jim Nico
CEO and Founder

imgresJim Nico is Founder and CEO of Social Network Intermedia (SNi) and The Social Network Association, and he co-hosts The Social Network Show®. As the leader of SNi and The Social Network Association, Jim has already developed strategic partnerships with Dun & Bradstreet, Velocidi, and others to implement the mission to foster growth and best practices among online social networks as they evolve.

Previously, Jim was the Executive Vice President and co-founder of Interstate Interlok, Inc., where he was responsible for business strategy, finance, and administration. He also contracted with GTE Mobilenet to service and implement a court adjunct program in 17 California counties. Jim has a strategic alliance with Horizon Marketing Group and served as VP of International Distribution for Thomas Fetterman, Inc.

Jane Belland Karwoski, PhD, MSW
Chief Science Officer

DrJheadshot.RDr. Jane Belland Karwoski is Chief Science Officer of Social Network Intermedia and The Social Network Association as well as the lead host of The Social Network Show® . She holds a doctoral degree in experimental psychology and dedicated her early research efforts to combining social, cognitive and health psychology as they relate to the influence of key opinion leaders in spreading best practices.

Prior to the availability of formal online social networking tools, Jane developed Genomicus Americus, an e-newsletter connecting North American and South American social scientists studying genetic and genomic issues. She has been a Research Assistant at the Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (Cardiff, South Wales), an ORISE Fellow with the National Center on Birth Defects (CDC, Atlanta, GA), and a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Center for the Study of Healthcare Provider Behavior (VA of Greater Los Angeles/RAND Health/UCLA). She has held adjunct professor positions in the psychology departments of The University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Excelsior College; and Drexel University.

Dr. Karwoski is the recipient of 2012 JCEHP Award for Excellence in Research.

Terry Monoson-Nico, MPH
Program Director, The Social Network Station®

Terry Monoson-Nico, the third SNi Partner, serves as the Program Director responsible for managing The Social Network Station, which currently includes The Social Network Show and The Social Network Channel™ (coming soon to TV). Terry is directly involved with the day-to-day management of SNI and The Social Network Association.

Prior to the launch of SNi, Terry served as Operations Manager and co-owner of Interstate Interlok, Inc.