Becoming a Host or Sponsor

Who Should Get Involved in #50Shows?

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  • Organizations looking to underwrite an important initiative to help advance the healthy, vibrant lives and careers of women via Internet radio to give women a platform and an amplified voice.
  • Women interested in having their own radio platform, ready to supply their drive, energy, and message. The Social Network Station will provide the executive production, recording via a facility accessible from anywhere, upload, distribution, and marketing of all shows. Each woman radio host is required to have a sponsor to support program fees for her show until sponsorship of the entire initiative is secured.
  • Women’s organizations that want to use Internet radio to educate and empower women, as well as offer their membership a platform for active women’s issues and discussions.
  • Volunteers wishing to participate in the development, creation and promotion of the #50Shows.

#50Shows Empowering Women has the potential to reach a worldwide audience with a marketing program that includes promotion through active social channels, public relations outreach, and wide distribution through iTunes.

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